SINEE Shows "Wisdom" Products in the 22nd Session CIIF

21 / 09 / 2020

   The 22nd Session China International Industry Fair has been held as scheduled in Shanghai on September 15, 2020. SINEE's "Wisdom" products are displayed in this exhibition, which attracts wide attention from people from all walks of life.


    In this industrial automation show, SINEE focuses on the EM730 series inverter, which not only inherits the high reliability and ultra-small size of the previous inverter, but also further enriches the use methods. At present, It is a rare inverter with WIFI remote monitoring function in the market. This series of products support mobile APP debugging and monitoring inverter status, which realizes the transition from "manual" to "mobile phone". What's more, in order to better provide customers with product experience and make it more convenient for them in the debugging process, SINEE adopts the "one-key shuttle" in the appearance design, which is more sensitive and efficient in the single control.



    In addition to the inverter, SINEE also demonstrates the EA180 series servo system, which supports a variety of bus communication protocols and performs well in fast response, strong stability, rich and complete power, etc. Especially in the aspect of stability, the failure rate is far lower than the industry average.

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   On the basis of advanced technology and industry experience, SINEE provides a complete set of solutions around customer need not only from question inquiry to solution implementation, but also from top-level design to post-maintenance and personalized customized solutions.



    The 22nd Session China International Industry Fair has come to a successful conclusion. We would like to thank all partners for their trust and support for SINEE. In the future, SINEE will vigorously expand the intelligent manufacturing market and grasp the pulse of The Times. Let's us join hands and forge ahead to build a win-win market.


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