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Hoist drive

3-phase 380V/415V(±20%), 4.0~280kW

EM630 is a close-loop vector control inverter specially designed for lift control of various kinds of cranes such as travelling crane and builder lift, etc. When applied to tower crane, it can control the 3 parts of the system respectively like hoist, trolley and slewing.

1.Salient features

①.   150% rated torque / 0Hz (FVC),the crane operates stably when starting, hoist and fall.

②.   Encoder feedback provides further protection: the load is hold in the air or going down slowly in case of brake failure or over speed, without slip.

③.   Unique brake control logic prolongs the service life of the brake system, and enhances the operation safety.

④.   Strong adaptability of power grid, high torque output remains when under voltage.

⑤.   Flexible and efficient operation: Light load at high speed and heavy load at low speed.

2.Wiring diagram




 Mains supply

 Rated Input


 3-phase 380V-20%~415V+20%, 50/60Hz±5%

 voltage imbalance rate<3%




 3-phase, from 0 to mains supply



 100% rated current non-stop output

 Max. Overload


150% rated current for 1 minute, 180% rated current for 10 seconds, 200%  rated current for 2 seconds

Basic Control  

 Control Mode

 V/F, FVC (feedback vector control)

 Input Mode

 Frequency (Speed) input, torque input

 Running Mode 

 Keypad, control terminals (2-wire sequence, 3-wire sequence), RS485  (communication)

 Output frequency

 0. 00~600. 00Hz




 Digital input: 0.01Hz

 Analog input: 0.1% of maximum frequency

 Speed Regulation


 1:50 (V/F), 1:1000 (FVC)

 Speed Control


 0.2% rated synchronous speed


 Deceleration Time

 0.01~600.00 seconds/0.1~6000.0 seconds/1~60000 seconds

 V/F Features

 Rated output voltage: 20%~100% adjustable, frequency base:  20.00~600.00Hz adjustable

 Torque Boost

 Fixed torque boost curve, customized V/F curve scaling

 Start Torque

150%/1Hz (V/F), 150%/0Hz (FVC)

 Torque Control  Accuracy

 ±5% rated torque (FVC)


 AVR is active while output voltage remains unchanged if input voltage is  varying.

 Automatic Current  Limit

 Automatically limit output current, avoid tripping overcurrent frequently

 DC Brake

 Brake frequency: 0.01~Fmax, brake time: 0~30s

 Brake current: 0%~100% rated current

 Signal Input  Source

 Communication, preset speed

 Function of

 Input and Output

 Reference Power


 Terminal Control  Power


 Digital Input  Terminals

 7 multi-function digital input terminals

 Analog Input  Terminals

 3 analog inputs: 1 voltage input: 0~10V

 2 optional inputs: 0~10V voltage inputs or 0~20mA current inputs optional

 1 voltage input (AI4)-10V~10V

 Digital Output  Terminals

 2 OC multi-function outputs: 2 relay multi-function outputs

 Maximum output current of OC: 50mA

 Relay contact capacity: 250VAC/3A or 30VDC/1A, EA-EC and RA-RC  N/O, EB-EC and RB/RC N/C

 Analog Output  Terminals

 2 multi-function analog outputs terminals: M1/M2, output:  0~10V or 0~20mA




 Human interactions with displays and control actuators

 Parameter Copy

 Upload and download parameter information of the inverter, copy  parameters rapidly



 Short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage,, overload, phase loss, undervoltage,  overheating, over speed, external faults, etc.

 Application  Conditions

 Installation Site

 Indoor, with altitude less than 1,000 meters, free from dust and corrosive  gas, and direct sunlight

 Ambient  Temperature

 -10~+50. Derated from ambient +40~+50,

 20%~90%RH (no condensation)



 Storage  Temperature


 Installation Method

 Installed inside the control cabinet

 Protection Grade


 Cooling Method

 Forced air cooling

 Safety Standard 


 EMC Standard


4.Model Numbering Scheme

5.Model Number List

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