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V/F & SVC Control
1-phase 220V(±20%), 0.4~2.2kW
3-phase 380V/415V(±20%),0.4~160kW
• A90 compact inverter is high performance and high competitive model. 
• New technology platform: the 4th generation IGBT module.
• Applicable to IM and PM motor.

Main features:          
1. Normal operation under ambient 50℃, no need for derating;

2. Smaller volume size less than other similar products by averagely 20%-50% ;

3. Wide speed regulation: VF/1:50,SVC/1:200,and high precision control: ±0.2% of rated speed;

4. Superior loading at low frequency: VF/1HZ/150%,SVC/0.25HZ/150%;

5. Super cost-effective;

6. Superior protection: overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, over-temperature.

7. As a buffer against power interruption, the inverter can stop motor slowly to protect it.

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