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EM610 Control solutions on textile dyeing machine
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Summary: This solution describes in detailed about the EM610 application of control solutions on textile dyeing machine. In the constant linear speed mode of EM610, winding and unwinding switch and roll diameter reset can be realized by external terminals. And reciprocating motion of textile dyeing machine can be realized at same time. EM610 has the characteristic of EM600 like high torque, speed accuracy and rich applications, and the logic control parameters which are related to textile dyeing machine will be internally processed. So that it can work with simply upper computer and high efficiency of program execution.

1 Foreword

Dyeing machine is kind of dyeing equipment, which is used in dyeing and fixing color before or after dyeing of flat appearance solid, cotton and chemical fiber cloth. There are with cover, high temperature and pressure, two major types dyeing machine. The with cover type dyeing machine mainly used is in dyeing solid and cotton, and the high temperature and pressure type dyeing machine mainly used is in dyeing polyester, nylon and other synthetic fabrics. The main structure is as follows:

Cloth rolling stick: the center of the dyeing machine includes two cloth rolling sticks which wind alternately back and forth .The fabric unwind from one cloth rolling stick, and wind to another cloth rolling stick. During the alternating winding, the fabric continuously goes through the dye which is under the cloth stick. The fabric absorb the dye and fix it during winding.

Dyeing: under the cloth rolling stick, used to place the dye, the fabric continuously goes through the dye in the dyeing vat

Gear differential mechanism: a kind of device which is used to keep the two linear speed of cloth rolling stick constant. So that it can guarantee the fabric goes through freely without fold caused by overspeed or too low speed. And the fabric will not be extended or disconnected due to the inconstant tension.

Vat cover:

In normal temperature, the vat cover of dyeing vat is used to keep the internal temperature of dyeing vat from high part to low part and lift part to right part constant to avoid energy lost caused by radiating of the fabric. Also it is used to avoid the temperature of the high part is too low to affect the dyeing and fixing of color. The Vat cover of high temperature and pressure dyeing vat is used as pressure vat cover. Structure and schematic as follows:

2 Working principle of dyeing machine 

3 EM610 Textile dyeing machine control solution introduction

3.1 Basic customer requirement

Dyeing machine control requirements:

Voltage: 304V~456 V (380V±20%)

Empty diameter / full diameter: 1: 3.5

Linear speed: 0~100m/min

Tension: 0~100N.M

Tension Accuracy: ±5%

Linear speed accuracy: ±0.1%

3.2 EM610 dyeing machine control wiring diagram is as follows:

1#, 2# EM610 can achieve winding and unwinding function of dyeing machine. When textile fabric roll to 1#stick, 1# is set as unwinding and 2# is set as winding. In this device, unwinding works in speed mode while winding works in torque mode. According to the requirement of linear speed and fabric tension, the analog value output to1# to set system linear speed AI2 by DA module, 2 # set fabric tension AI1and linear speed AI2. The winding roll diameter increases, while the unwinding roll diameter decreases. When winding and unwinding switching terminal enable, winding turns unwinding and winding turns winding. In order to keep linear speed and tension constant. when #1 unwinding in speed mode, the inverter calculates inside and the output frequency increase gradually; when #2 unwinding in torque mode, the inverter calculate inside, the output frequency decrease gradually. Otherwise, when #1 unwinding in speed mode, the inverter calculates inside, the output frequency increase gradually; When #2 unwinding in torque mode, the inverter calculates inside, the output frequency decrease gradually. Switching the process several times until the fabric effectively dyed.


In addition to give the linear speed given signal to1 #, it is also needed to give to 2 #. When 2 # works in torque mode, the given linear speed is used to limit the speed for disconnection protection when unwinding.

3.3 EM610 features and advantages of textile dyeing machine control program

High precision of EM610 speed, torque control and, fast dynamic response;

High precision of dyeing machine linear speed control, stable operation;

High precision of fabric tension control, small fluctuations, fabric flat and smooth;

4 Scene debugging guide

4.1 Correct wiring, including control circuit wiring and main circuit wiring

4.2 Conform the rotation direction of the motor, if the opposite, please replace any two-phase motor wiring

Positive direction of motor rotation confirm: First, confirm the device is working in winding or unwinding mode when working for the first time, which one works in speed mode and which one works in torque mode. When 1 # works in speed winding, material take-up direction is consistent with the drive jog direction. When 1 # works in speed unwinding, material take-up direction is opposite with the drive jog direction;

4.3 Confirm the polarity of encoder feedback. If the feedback is positive, replace A, B phase pulse wiring

4.4 Motor idling rotation autotuning and autotuning of internal motor parameters;

4.5 According to the requirement of I / DO, AI / AO, setting functional parameters of drive correctly;

4.6 System joint debugging, observation whether the equipment running normally.

5 Conclusion

EM610 is used in the dyeing machine, setting F23.00 = 4 constant linear speed mode. We need to set parameters. Dyeing machine can be switched by switching terminal.

For example: define 1# work s in speed winding and 2 # works in torque unwinding. The roll diameter is calculated thickness cumulative method

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