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Tower Crane
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EM630,a high-performance inverter series specially developed for Tower Crane, is widely used for tower crane hoisting, trolley hoisting,slewing and travel closed-loop.
Default parameter settings are adjustable according to applications of F20.00 selection in the hoisting industry.

Leading technology:
①.Zero servo—Prevent slip
Brake control logic - current, time to reach the control brake open, more secure
②.Perfect swing control— The control tower crane boom frame smooth, efficient rotary, without vortex assisted braking (open loop)
1.Main Features:   

①.Closed-loop vector control and steady performance at high torque and low frequency: smooth output of rated torque 0 Hz/150%, so that a hoist performs stably during start-up, hoisting and decline. 
②.Zero servo function: offers the second type safety protection to hoist under the condition that an encoder is connected by driving motor to hold full load in the air or let it go down slowly even when the braker does not work.
③.Overspeed protection: When an encoder is connected, overspeed stop protection and overspeed operation protection are provided to timely discover abnormalities of speed and braking force during hoisting to prevent slip accident. 
④.Braker control logic: Braker control logic controls hoist to open or close at reasonable sequence, which maintains the operation safety and extends the service life of braking system. 
⑤.Wide voltage input range and automatic voltage stabilization: These functions meet torque output requirements of hoist even when voltage of power grid drops.   
⑥.Wide speed regulation range: This meets the requirements for light load at high speed and heavy load at low speed, thereby improving operating efficiency of hoist. 

2.Brake control logic-greatly reduces brake wear

3.After used EM630 inverter

4.EM630 model and some notes


Capacity selection:For tower crane, overload may occur during instantaneous starting, quick acceleration and deceleration, in this case, the inverter should be 1~2 power bigger. 

Selection principle: Lifting , Rotary , Amplitude

Lifting: must be equipped with encoder and PG card, the composition of the closed-loop system

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