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EM303B Pumping Unit
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The Brief Introduction of Pumping Unit:
The pumping unit is a kind of machine which is used in the extraction of oil, and it’s also called ’kowtow machine’.
The common beam pumping unit is a conventional pumping equipment which is widely used in oilfield. Generally, it’s driven by AC asynchronous motor.
The crank and the balancing mass drives the sucker rod, and the sucker rod drives the downhole oil well pump to do reciprocating motion to deliver downhole oil to the ground.
The pumping unit is a kind of machine which can drive the circular motion into linear motion, and it is an important application market of EM303B.
1.The Operating Principal of Pumping Unit 

The Working Process of Beam Pumping Unit

The motor delivers high-speed rotating motion into the reducer through the transmission belt. After the three-axis two-level reduction, the crank-link mechanism changes the rotating motion to the beam's reciprocating motion.

The beam hanger which is hung on the horse head drives the oil well pump plunger to do reciprocating motion through the sucker rod to deliver downhole oil to the ground.

2.The Energy-saving Technology of Pumping Unit 

Main Categories of Energy-saving Technology of Pumping Unit

①.Use different types of energy-saving motor of pumping unit, for example: permanent magnet synchronous motor and so on. Because of the great investment and the demagnetization of the permanent magnet synchronous motor, in many oil fields, the common asynchronous motor can't be widely taken placed by the energy-saving motor.

②.Use frequency conversion speed control. We can set our pumping unit free from the long-term inefficient condition.
③.After that, we can match the way the pumping unit work in with the oil well actual load to reduce electricity costs, reduce maintenance costs and improve operational efficiency.

④.Inverter selection: the Inverter we need should be in a higher size than the motor. The pumping unit is far away from the power supply room, and sometimes there will be 1 km between them. The loss on the line makes the voltage of inverter input lower, and the current increases.
⑤.Also, when we design the outlay motor, we have made it power a little smaller consider of it's batch-type load. That means, when we need a motor of 22kW,we should the 18.5 one. And so ,we need the power of Inverter a little bigger.

3.Customer Benefits in Pumping unit Frequency Control 

Soft start energy saving

The starting process of the frequency conversion control is soft start. And there will be small starting circuits ,small power grids, and reduced energy consumption 

Soft start reduce mechanical impact

Soft starting can reduce the impact of the motor, gearbox, crank connecting rod, etc., and it can also extend the life of the associated  equipment

Reduce reactive loss

The power factor of motor can be increased from 0.2~0.5 to 0.9, and we can reduce the burden on the power grid and the transformer, reduce line losses, and we can also get a significant reduction in the reactive loss.

Meet the technical requirements, improve production efficiency

By automaticly identify the up or down process, it can change the speed of up or down process of pumping unit and solve the stop working problems caused by changing the belt pulley。So it can effectively improve production efficiency.

With a deep understanding of the foundations of the pumping process, Sine Electric EM303B frequency plan becomes the lowest cost, smallest, most efficient. Because of the least middle part ,it is also the most reliable plan

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