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Screw press
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Screw Press Brief introduction
Screw, nut as transmission, transfer flywheel energy collectively forging machinery.
Usually by the screw, nut, flywheel, sliders, body and other components. Hydraulic, friction, and other direct-drive motor drive mode makes high speed rotating flywheel to store energy from the forward and reverse rotation of the flywheel lieutenant spiral motion into vertical reciprocating linear motion slide.
Screw press is a process widely adaptable, combat energy adjustable forging equipment, to complete forging, trimming and calibration of different forging processes in the automotive, railroad, process machinery, aerospace, defense and other industries wide range of applications.
Classification:Friction screw press,Hydraulic screw press,Clutch Screw Press,Electric screw press.
1.Electric screw press machined parts

2.The controller requirements of Electric screw press

①.Precise striking energy and striking force

–To ensure the forging parts machining accuracy, improve the consistency of product processing, requiring precise striking energy, combat energy range accuracy :1%~2%

②.Striking energy and striking force can be adjusted

–Different forging parts, require different striking energy and combat force proportional to the square of the rotational speed of the flywheel energy storage, a 5% rate fluctuations, will generate 10% of the energy change. 1% of the energy of accuracy, speed fluctuation to be less than 0.5%

③.Forming again after hitting

–For some special parts, such as the low plasticity alloy steel, non-ferrous metals, after blow molding, in order to facilitate the metal recrystallization, the need for forming member and then apply some pressure, when the motor speed is zero, you need to apply a controllable motor torque

④.High efficiency ,automatic

–Meet the technological premise, in the shortest possible time to complete a cycle, improve production efficiency, the entire process automatic control

3.The comparing of several Electric screw press

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