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Economical VFD

• Open-Loop

• 1-ph/3-ph 200V-240V 0.4kW-2.2kW

• 3-ph AC  340V-460V 0.75kW-5.5kW

• VVF Control

• LED digital displays

• 20% Space Saving

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The EM700 series frequency converter is a high-reliability, small-sized general-purpose frequency converter launched by Sine Electric: 

EM700 supports three-phase AC asynchronous machines.

EM700 series frequency converter have the following features:

•  Compact size, supports side-by-side installation;

•  Pluggable main power terminals for quick installation and maintenance

•  50℃ ambient temperature, no need to derate;

•  Support digital potentiometer speed adjustment, fast and accurate speed adjustment;

•  Complete protection functions: multiple protections such as short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, and overheating.

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Power supplyRated   supply voltageThree-phase   340V-10%460V+10%
Single-phase/three-phase   200V-10%240V+10%
5060Hz±5%, voltage imbalance rate<3%
OutputMaximum   output voltageThe   maximum output voltage is the same as the input supply voltage
Output current rating100%   rated current continuous output
Maximum overload current150%   heavy load rated current for 60s
120% light load rated current for 60s
Basic control functionsDrive   modeV/F   control (VVF); 
InputFrequency   (speed) input, torque input
Start/stop control methodKeyboard,   control terminals (second-line control, third-line control), communication
Frequency control range0.00600.00Hz/0.03000.0HZ
Input frequency resolutionDigital   input: 0.01Hz/0.1Hz
Analog input: 0.1% of maximum frequency
Speed range1:50   (VVF)
Speed control accuracy±0.2%   rated synchronous speed
Acceleration and deceleration time0.01s   to 600.00s/0.1s to 6000.0s/1s to 60000s
Voltage/frequency characteristicsRated   output voltage is adjustable from 20% to 100%
Fundamental frequency 1Hz600Hz/3000Hz adjustable
Torque boostFixed   torque boost curve
Any V/F curve optional
Starting torque150%/1HzVVF
Output voltage self-adjustingAs   the input voltage changes, the output voltage remains basically the same.
Automatic current limitingAutomatically   limit output current to avoid frequent overcurrent protection actions
DC brakingBraking   frequency: 0.01~maximum frequency Braking time: 0~30S
Braking current: 0%150% rated current
Signal input sourceCommunication,   multi-speed, analog, etc.
Input and output functionsReference   power supply10V/20mA
Terminal control power24V/100mA
Digital input terminal4   digital multi-function inputs: X1X4
Analog input terminal1   analog input
1 channel (AI1) voltage source 0~10V, 0-5V   input or current source 4~20mA input optional
Digital output terminal1   open collector multi-function output and 1 relay multi-function output
Collector output maximum output current 50mA
Relay contact capacity 250VAC/3A or 30VDC/1A
EA-EC normally open
KeyboardLED   displayLED   digital tube displays relevant information of the inverter
ProtectionProtect   FunctionsShort   circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, overload,   overheating, load loss and external protection, etc.
Conditions of UseInstallation   placeIndoors,   the altitude is less than 1 km, no dust, no corrosive gases and no direct   sunlight. When the altitude exceeds 1,000 meters, the usage will be derated   by 1% for every 100 meters higher, and the maximum usage altitude is 3,000   meters.
Applicable environment -10+50, 5%95%RH   (no condensation). When the ambient temperature exceeds 50, derating is required. The   derating is derated by 3% for every 1 increase. The maximum operating ambient temperature is 60
VibrationLess   than 0.5g
Storage environment-40+70
Installation methodWall-mounted,   cabinet installation
Protection LevelIP20
Cooling methodForced   air cooling

Model Table
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EM700 Model.png

Rated   supply voltageModelApplicable motor power   (kW)Heavy load rated   output current (A)Light load rated   output current (A)
    AC 200V
    AC 340
EM700-4R0-3/3B 49.410.5
EM700-5R5-3/3B 5.51315.7

Installation Dimensions
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Size a.png

(a)E700-0R4-2B~EM700-0R7-2B/EM700-0R7-3B~EM700-1R5-3B Size

Size b.png

(b)E700-1R5-2B~EM700-2R2-2B/EM700-2R2-3B~EM700-4R0-3B Size

size c.png

(c)E700-5R5-3B Size


EM700 installation direction and space

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