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  • frequency inverter for ball mill
  • frequency inverter for ball mill
  • frequency inverter for ball mill
  • frequency inverter for ball mill
  • frequency inverter for ball mill
  • frequency inverter for ball mill
  • frequency inverter for ball mill
  • frequency inverter for ball mill
EM318C-Ball Mill VFD
VFD for Ball Mill

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Note:EM618 Engineering Cabinet has performed well since its launch and has been recognized by customers. 

Due to the company's product planning upgrade, the EM618 machine has been proven by the market 

and can now completely replace the EM318C series products. 

Therefore, the company decided to delist the EM318C series products.

Click here to chooose EM618:https://www.sineedrive.com/dedicated-vfd/Engineering-Cabinet-Inverter

EM318C series special frequency conversion control cabinet for ball mill 

high-performance control cabinet specially developed by Sine Electric for ball mill applications.

EM318C series special frequency conversion control cabinet for ball mill has the following characteristics:

•Low-frequency and high-torque stable operation: 0.5Hz/150% rated torque is output smoothly, ensuring smooth start-up of the ball mill;

•Convenient man-machine interface (touch screen), it is convenient to set multi-segment running time and operating frequency of each time period, and it is convenient 

to view current and voltage and other operating information through the man-machine interface;

•Excellent current limiting ability: ensure that the control cabinet does not trip when the load fluctuates frequently;

•Wide voltage input range, automatic voltage stabilization: to ensure that when the grid voltage drops, the output can still meet the torque output requirements of 

the lifting equipment;

•Wide range of speed regulation: meet the requirements of light-load high-speed and heavy-load low-speed hoisting equipment, and improve the working efficiency 

of the equipment;

•Modubus communication interface is used to check the working status of the inverter;

•Instantaneous power failure non-stop function, can automatically feed back electric energy to ensure a certain torque output;

•The frequency converter and the motor can be used with the same power without enlarging the capacity of the frequency converter;

VFD for ball mill

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Standard machineAuxiliary   Solution F4-28=1Without   Auxiliary Solution
F0-04=0 keyboard   controlF0-04=1Terminal   controlF0-04=1 Terminal   control
F0-05=0Two-wire   control 1F0-05=2Three-wire   control 1F0-05=2Three-wire   control 1
F0-09=15.00Acceleration   timeF0-09=35.00Acceleration   timeF0-09=35.00Acceleration   time
F0-10=15.00Deceleration   timeF0-10=35.00Deceleration   timeF0-10=35.00Deceleration   time
F0-19=0 Normal   startingF0-19=1 Speed   Tracking StartF0-19=1 Speed   Tracking Start
F0-20=0 Normal   StopingF0-20=1 free   StopingF0-20=1 free   Stoping
F0-26=0 General   speed setting methodF0-26=1 Special   speed setting methodF0-26=1 Special   speed setting method
F0-27=0 normal   menu modeF0-27=1 Advanced   menu modeF0-27=1 Advanced   menu mode
F2-00=1RUNF2-00=1RUNF2-00=52Corsair   boot starting
F2-01=2  +/- SwitchF2-01=51 External   fault inputF2-01=51 External   fault input
F2-02=3Multi-speed   terminal 1F2-02=49 Program   run resetF2-02=49 Program   run reset
F2-03=4Multi-speed   terminal 2F2-03=18 three-wire   stopingF2-03=18three-wire   stoping
F2-04=5Multi-speed   terminal 3F2-04=9 free   StopingF2-04=5Multi-speed   terminal 3
F2-12=0Inverter   workingF2-12=33 Motor   fan delayF2-12=33 Motor   fan delay
F2-13=1Frequency   output FARF2-13=0Inverter   workingF2-13=0Inverter   working
F9-28=0 Maximum   frequency speed trackingF9-28=1 Stoping   frequency speed trackingF9-28=1 Stoping   frequency speed tracking

Model Table
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ModelApplicable motor power (kW)Rated input voltageRated output current(A)
EM318C-110-3110Three-phase AC 380V220

Installation Dimension
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EM318C Installations.jpg

ModelWW1HH1DD1D2dGravity Center Height

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