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EA200A-Spindle Type
Spindle Type Servo Drives

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EA200A Spindle Servo

EA200A series servo driver is a high-performance medium-power AC servo unit developed by Sine Electric. This series of products adopts advanced motor control 

dedicated DSP chip, large-scale programmable gate array (CPLD/FPGA) and PIM power module, with high integration , perfect protection, high reliability and so on.

Optimized PID control algorithm realizes precise all-digital control of position, speed and torque, with high precision and fast response. Provide online adjustment 

of servo gain and electronic gear ratio.

It has rich digital and analog interfaces, can be matched with a variety of upper control devices, supports MODBUS communication protocol, and is convenient for networking.

It supports permanent magnet synchronous motors and asynchronous motors, and can be widely used in automation fields such as CNC machine tools, printing 

and packaging machinery, textile machinery, steel processing machinery, robots, and automated production lines.

three phase Spindle Servo system

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Power SupplyRated   Supply VoltageThree-phase   380V-20%~415V+20%50~60Hz±5%,Voltage   imbalance rate<3%
OutputMax   Output VoltageThe   maximum output voltage is the same as the input supply voltage
Output Current Rating100%   Rated current continuous output
Maximum Overload Current150%   rated current 60s,180% rated current 10s,200% rated current 2s
Basic Control
drive   mode(FVC)
Input modePosition   input, speed input, torque input
Start-stop control modekeyboard,   control terminal, communication
Speed control range0~32000rpm
Input frequency resolutionDigital   input:1rpm  Analog input: 0.1% of   maximum speed
Speed range0.736111111
Speed Control Accuracy±0.2%   Rated synchronous speed
Acceleration and deceleration time0.01s~650.00s
Starting torque200%/0rpm
Torque Control Accuracy±5%   Rated torque
Output voltage self-adjustingThe   input voltage changes, the output voltage remains basically unchanged
Automatic current limitAutomatically   limit the output current to avoid frequent over-current tripping
Signal inputCommunication,   multi-speed, analog, external high-speed pulse, etc.
Input and OutputReference   power10V/20mA
Terminal Control Power24V/200mA
Digital input terminal7(X1~X7)digital   multi-function input
Analog input terminal2(AI1~AI2)   Analog input
Voltage source -10 ~ 10V input;
Digital output terminal4(Y1~Y4)   Multifunctional digital output
Y1~Y2 Maximum output current 50mA
Analog output terminal2-way   (AO1/AO2) multi-function analog output terminals, which can output 0~10V
Keyboard DisplayLED   DisplayLED   digital tube display driver related information
ProtectionProtectionShort   circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, overload,   overheating, overspeed and external faults, etc.
Use conditionInstallation   siteIndoor,   below 1 km above sea level, free from dust, corrosive gas and direct sunlight
Applicable environment -10℃~+40℃,20%~90%RH(no condensation)
Storage environment-25℃~+65℃
Installation methodWall-mounted,   floor electric control cabinet, through-wall
Protection degreeIP20/IP21(Up   to 450kW)
Type of coolingForced   air cooling

Model Table
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Rated   supply voltageModelApplicable motor power(kW)Rated output current(A)
Three-Phase 380VEA200A-4R0-3B49.4

Installation Dimension
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EA200A Installation Dimensions.jpg


EA200A Installation Dimensions-1.jpg

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