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  • Single phase Pulse Servo Drives
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  • Single phase Pulse Servo Drives
  • Single phase Pulse Servo Drives
Economical Pulse Type Servo Drives

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EA196 Series Servo Driver

Single-phase 220V~240V 0.2~0.75kW

•High-speed response

•High-precision positioning

•Easy to use

1. It adopts advanced special MCU for motor control and PIM power module, which has the characteristics of high integration, small size, perfect protection and high reliability.

2. The optimized PID control algorithm realizes precise full digital control of torque, position and speed, with high precision and fast response.

3. It has rich digital interfaces, supports MODBUS communication protocol, and is convenient for networking.

4. EA196 series supports various AC permanent magnet servo motors with 17-bit incremental magnetic and photoelectric encoders and 23-bit absolute photoelectric 

encoders using the RA-CODER protocol, meeting different requirements for cost and performance.

5. It can be widely used in automation fields such as 3C equipment, printing and packaging machinery, textile machinery, robots, and automated production lines.

single phase pulse servo system

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TemperatureWorking temperature 0~40° , storage temperature -20° ~85°
HumidityWorking/storage: ≤ 90%RH (without dew condensation)
Altitude≤ 1000m
Vibration≤ 4.9m/s2, 10~60Hz (no operation at the point of resonance is   permitted)
Cooling methodFan cooling
Control methodSVPWM, vector control
Six   control modesSpeed control, position control, torque control, speed/position   control, torque/speed control, position/torque control
Front   panel5 keys, 5-digit LED
Regenerative   brakeBuilt-in brake unit and resistor; an external braking resistor   can be connected
Feedback   mode17-bit incremental/23-bit absolute encoder
Digital input/outputInputServo start, alarm resetting, position pulse deviation counter   clearing, speed command direction selection,
    position/speed multi-segment switching, internal command trigger,   control
    Mode switching, pulse disable, forward drive disable, reverse drive   disable, forward inch, backward inch
OutputServo ready,   brake output, motor rotation output, zero-speed signal, speed approach, speed   reached, position approach, torque limit, rotating speed limit, warning   output, alarm output.
Protective FunctionHardwareOver-voltage, under-voltage, over-speed, overheat, overload,   over-speed, encoder alarm, and so on.
SoftwareExcessively large position error, EEPROM fault, and so on.
Alarm data tracking functionRecord 4 groups of historical alarms and relevant data
Communication   functionModbus RTU
Maximum   input pulse
Differential   input mode : 500Kpps
    Open-collector input mode: 200Kpps
Pulse command modePulse + symbol, A and B-phase orthogonal pulse
Command control
External pulse command, multi-segment position command
Command smoothing
Low-pass   filtering,FIR filter,trapezoid-shaped smoothing of multi-segment position   command
Electronic gear ratioElectronic gear ratio: N/M multiples (0.001< N/M< 64000 =   N: 1~230, M: 1~230
Position accuracy±1 pulse command
Speed con-
    trol mode
Command   control
External pulse, digital speed command, multistage speed   command, inching command
Command smoothing
Low-pass   filtering,smooth S curve
Torque limitDigital setting limit
Speed regulation ratio1:5000 (23-bit encoder)Minimal speed/rated rotating speed of continuous stable   operation under
    the rated load
BandwidthNo less than 400Hz (23-bit encoder)
Speed fluctuation ratioLoad   fluctuation(0-100%)Maximum 0.1%For a 23-bit encoder, when the speed command is the rated   rotating speed,
    (rotating speed without load - rotating speed with full load)/rated   rotating
Supply voltage change
Maximum 0.1%
Environment temperature
    (0~50℃ )
Maximum 0.1%
Command   control
Digital torque command
Command smoothing
Low-pass   filtering
Speed limitDigital setting limit
Accuracy±3% (current repetition accuracy)

Model Table
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EA196 MODEL Descriptions.jpg

Servo   driverMotor
EA196ModelSupply   voltagePowerAdaptable   motor
SIZE AEA196 -2R5-1BSingle-phase AC220V200W 400WSES06-0R2-30-2HBY □
    SES06-0R4-30-2HBY □
SIZE BEA196 -4R8-1BSingle-phase750WSES08-0R7-30-2HBY□

Motor   specication/model
Adaptable   driver model
Encoder   cable
Motor   cable
SES06-0R2-30-2HBY □EA190□-2R5-1BA19-LS-A000-m
    (without battery)
    (with battery)
    (motor power cable)
    (brake cable for motor with a brake)
SES06-0R4-30-2HBY □
SES08-0R7-30-2HBY □EA190□-4R8-2B

Motor Model.jpg

①   Product series② Motor flange   size③ Rated output   power
SER: Standard servo motor
    SES: High performance servo motor
    SEM: High-power servo motor
04:   40mm
    06: 60mm
    08: 80mm
    09: 86mm
    11: 110mm
    18: 180mm
    20: 200mm
    26: 266mm
005:   50W
    0R1: 100W
    0R2: 200W
    0R4: 400W
    0R7: 750W
    1R0: 1000W
    1R5: 1500W
    2R0: 2000W
    3R0: 3000W
    4R4: 4400W
    5R5: 5500W
    7R5: 7500W
    011: 11000W
④ Rated motor speed
10: 1000rpm
    15: 1500rpm
    20: 2000rpm
    25: 2500rpm
    30: 3000rpm
⑦ Inertia type
⑤ Voltage levelA: Low   inertia
    B: Medium inertia
    C: High inertia
2: 220V
    3: 380V
⑨ Optional
⑥ Encoder type⑧   Shaft endNone:No   option
    1: With brake (DC24V)
    2: With oil seal
    3: With a brake and oil seal
A: 2500ppr incremental
    B: 17-bit incremental
    H: 17-bit magnetic incremental
    F: 23-bit absolute
    G*1: 2500ppr wire-saving encoder
X:   Shaft without keyway*1
    Y: Shaft with U-shaped keyway and screw hole*2
    Z: Shaft with double round keyways and screw hole
⑩ Special specifications

Installation Dimension
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EA196 Connection Describtions.gif

EA196 Installations Dimensions.gif

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