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May 12, 2023
SINEE 2023 Distributors Conference

SINEE 2023 Distributors Conference

On April 22, Sine Electric's 2023 Distributors Conference was successfully held in Wuhan, Hubei. The theme of this conference is "Gathering Potential and Seeking Win-Win Together", focusing on the development of new formats in the industrial automation industry, starting from the company's development vision, explaining Sine Electric's distributors policies and cooperation models, and collaborating with distributors partners in an all-round way to achieve a win-win situation !


At the beginning of the conference,CEO Mr. Tu CEO of Sine Electric, expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the distributors who came from afar. He introduced the development vision of Sine Electric to everyone, planning the blueprint with the vision, discussing the future with cooperation, and reaching the peak with a win-win situation, injecting infinite confidence and motivation for distributors to expand their automation business territory!

CEO Mr. Tu.jpg


Gather potential for future, gain insight into industry trends, work together for win-win results, and meet customer needs. Mr. Hao, director of the marketing department of Sine Electric, gave a wonderful speech on the theme of " Gathering Potential and Seeking Win-Win Together ", which stimulated the deep thinking of colleagues on site.

Director Mr. Hao.jpg


Spring, when all things recover, is the time to work hard. In the new stage of accelerated development of industrial automation, how to quickly promote business development, Mr. Tu Boyan, Marketing Manager of Sine Electric, in his speech on "Sales Projects Promote Rapid Business Development", combined with industry planning to promote business in the form of sales projects An in-depth analysis was carried out to help distributors achieve higher-quality business growth!

Mr. Tu Boyan.jpg


Subsequently, the directors of each sales department of Sine Electric made a comprehensive introduction in terms of business model and development direction, product advantages and channel construction. The speeches of the directors of each sales department have strengthened the confidence of the distributors, clarified the path of development, and identified the direction of progress!

Mr. Li.jpg

The servo system product line held a new product launch conference, and launched the flagship EA350 series servo system, EA300E series, EA196 series and EA190E series servo system. The servo system products were unveiled in a concentrated manner, showing the continuous enrichment and improvement of sinusoidal electrical servo system products in an all-round way, and won the praise of the participating distributors!

New launched.jpg


The automation industry enterprise development forum was also held at the conference site. Under the auspices of Mr. Hao , director of the marketing department of Sine Electric, channel business representatives, Mr. He , deputy general manager of Sine Electric, Mr. Zhang, technical director, and Mr. Wang Jian, marketing director, focused on the development of enterprises in the automation industry. Heated discussions on topics such as direction and project operation experience, together to gain insight into industry trends, discuss innovation and change, and feel the pulse of future development.

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With 20 years of ups and downs and 20 years of concerted efforts, the development of Sine Electric is inseparable from the strong support of every distributors.

This year, a total of 16 distributors have won important awards such as Excellent Distributor, Outstanding Distributor, and Excellent Distributor.

Excellent Distributor.png

Achievements represent the past, and struggle creates the future. I hope that in the future journey, all channel partners will make great achievements, make further progress, and write a splendid chapter together with Sine Electric!

The dinner officially started with the toast of Mr. Tu, the CEO of Sine Electric. It came to a successful conclusion. All the guests had a good time, " Gathering Potential and Seeking Win-Win Together " is bringing the 2023 Canal Merchants Conference to a successful conclusion.

successful conclusion.jpg

" Gathering Potential and Seeking Win-Win Together " Sine Electric's 2023 distributors Conference was successfully held, which is a summary and a new start. Sine Electric took this conference as an opportunity to integrate resources with distributors in exchanges, empower more industries, and seek a new chapter of common development!

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