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Apr 02, 2019
SINEE Demonstrates "Hard power" at the Hannover Messe

The Hannover Messe had its grand opening on April 1st, 2019. Based on the global vision and closely followed the pulse of industrial science and technology, SINEE selects the professional electrical automation research and development technology with international competitiveness to participate in this exhibition, including the high performance A90 inverter and servo system and other innovative products.

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This exhibition attracts more than 6,000 exhibitors from various countries and regions around the world. They share ideas and talk about the prospect of industrial electrical automation.

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SINEE always pays close attention to industrial intelligence and industrial transformation trend, and shows the core competitiveness and independent innovation ability of Chinese electrical automation industry to the world, which has won wide attention from world-renowned manufacturers and international circles.

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SINEE focuses on the research and development of electrical automation technology and keeps pace with The Times. The high performance demonstration system has been highly praised by many buyers. Many customers and enterprises come to consult and have the intention to sign cooperation during the exhibition. Based on scientific research and technological innovation, SINEE, as a product and service provider in the electrical automation industry, aims to overcome the bottlenecks and weak links that restrict the development of the global industrial electrical industry and help enterprises upgrade and develop. SINEE also insists on deeply exploring the local industry market, boldly going out to develop the international road, gradually building a three-dimensional research and development and service network around the world. Moreover, SINEE will insist on making full use of domestic and foreign resources and seizing the industry market under the background of industrial reform.

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     In Short, SINEE will communicate with world industrial enterprises and participate in overseas well-known exhibitions actively, aiming to promote the pace of development and catch up with the global industrial intelligent era.

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